The main objective of the TriboHEA project is to develop novel HEA (High Entropy Alloy) coating technology for applications requiring medium-to-high friction and wear resistant surfaces. Coatings with such tribological characteristics are especially desirable by machine and automotive industry for improving the performances and the life time of friction components, such as clutch plates. The projects will focus on the technology development for synthesis of mm-thick HEA coatings to engineer the friction surfaces of clutch plates, subject on which the end-user partner is very interested. The project is planning to advance the coating technology from TRL3 to TRL6 by demonstrating the coating performances in the end-user's clutch test rig. To realize that, the TriboHEA Consortium combines one research institution from Romania, one SME from Romania, and the end-user industrial partner from the Basque Country (Spain).